O'Brien Architects Inc.

Our Visionary Architects in New Jersey

Our visionary architects in New Jersey approach every project with a refreshed sense of exploration. We learn from  previous experience during the design and construction process and refine our solutions to take advantage of new methods and materials all while maintaining the clients’ budget. When faced with unexpected issues and changes, we are ready to adapt and deal with them efficiently.

Having 33 years of experience in the architectural industry, we are well versed in construction codes and safety regulations. There are specific measurement standards for buildings, and we will comply with them by making the necessary calculations. With our substantial understanding of the structural, electrical, and mechanical aspects of construction, you can rest assured that the finished structure will be functional, attractive and within the owners budget.

As we supervise the entire construction process, we will continuously update you on the developments. We will ensure that every member of our staff and the engineers we work with will stay on track and not delay their duties. From start to finish, we are dedicated to providing a high level of service and exceeding expectations.