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Exceptional Healthcare Facility Planning in New Jersey

The team at O’Brien Architects Inc. takes a serious approach to healthcare facility planning in New Jersey. Whether we’re designing the layout of a hospital, clinic, or pharmacy, we understand how critical these spaces are for the people who use them. That’s why we create functional plans that maximize square footage and provide the right amount of privacy and discretion. Read below to learn about some of the new and existing spaces we’ve worked on in the past:

Renovated Doctor’s Space

Doctor’s Office Space Design
Our hospital design work goes outside the main facility to provide doctors with a thoughtful office and exam space. Having a spacious area can improve patient-physician interaction and quality of care.

New Information Technology (IT) Center Design

New I.T. Center Design
Answering the hospital’s needs for a new IT Center, we renovated an existing basement space to contain training rooms, an IT computer room, offices, storage, and increased electrical capacity. Upon entering the IT Center, you’ll find a hallway with doors on both sides that lead to certain rooms.

Pharmacy Renovation

Our firm has designed a new pharmacy space for our hospital clients, which required renovating several existing office spaces in the new department. The pharmacy was still operational even during the rehabilitation process.
Pharmacy Renovation Design
Pharmacy Space Design

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